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Aircraft Transition Services (Lease-In and Lease-Return Support) for Operators and Lessors

Various professionals perform numerous tasks during aircraft transition, and most operators and lessors do not have the time or in-house resources for such transition projects.

Aeromutlu Aviation Services provides aircraft transition support to both operators and lessors through a variety of technical assistance services, such as pre-purchase/lease assessment, physical inspection, record review, transition layover representation, and/or transition project management, to ensure that the client has a smooth and cost-effective transition period.

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Aircraft Document Inspection, Sorting, and Scanning

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide complete and high-quality documentation services to the client as needed, with the documentation sorted, scanned, and delivered to the client in the requested format, thereby reducing the stress and costs during aircraft transition or operation.

Aircraft Physical Inspection and Reporting

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide the necessary aircraft physical inspections and reporting for clients who plan to buy or lease an aircraft, need to repossess, or have novated leases, such that they know the current physical status of the asset.

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Aircraft Base Maintenance Representation

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide experienced and qualified staff for maintenance layovers (e.g., planned heavy maintenance, modifications, or painting), serving as client representatives who inspect the entire maintenance process, regularly report to the client regarding the progress, and provide client service regarding technical decisions and the clarification of any issues.

Aircraft Delivery Support

Clients need professional assistance during the delivery period of either brand-new aircraft from the manufacturer or used aircraft from the lessor/owner.

Aeromutlu Aviation Services provides delivery support to clients, such as physical inspections, test/demo flight attendance, borescope inspection witnesses, MPA run witnesses, and record reviews, to ensure regulatory or contractual compliance, and report any identified issues or risks to the client.

We also assist the client during the technical acceptance negotiations.

Project Management / Interim Management

Aeromutlu Aviation Services has experienced project managers that will​ with the client to see their specific project through from onset to completion, ensuring that the defined scope, project goals, timeframe, desired quality, and budget of the project are met.

Interim management is the temporary takeover of a management position at short notice due to an unplanned management vacancy or a temporary need during an important project or restructuring.

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can assist the client in obtaining the necessary management resources during this transitional period based on the client needs. The provision of an interim executive can be on a short- or long-term basis.

Fleet Management / Asset Management

Well-organized fleet and asset management are very important for maintaining the safety of operation and asset value.

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can offer assistance in implementing and/or improving fleet and asset management and provide all of the required support, such as the overall fleet situation, technical documentation reviews, an assessment of return conditions, work scopes, technical negotiation of agreements, aircraft delivery inspections, technical advice and representation for deliveries or maintenance events, and the sorting and scanning of aircraft records.

We can tailor the degree of support to suit the client needs.

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CAMO and Part 145 Personnel Support

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can source and provide qualified personnel on short notice to meet client needs for temporary personnel to cover seasonal and/or project-based peaks for their CAMO or Part 145 organizations.

Technical and Management Consulting

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can assist in organizational change management, process analysis, operational improvements, data migration, establishing new business sites, reviewing requirements, preparing manuals, and improving capabilities and approvals, as well as other technical and management needs.

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Sourcing Aircraft (dry lease, wet lease, or purchase)

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can source suitable aircraft for dry lease, wet lease, or purchase based on the client request, as well as provide continuous client support during the sourcing, aircraft evaluation, and selection processes, and throughout the entire transaction process.

MRO Sourcing for Operators and Lessors

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can assist in sourcing a suitable MRO when the client needs a maintenance facility for line or base maintenance, painting, or other modifications, as well as provide support for contract negotiations and invoice reviews.
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Aeromutlu Aviation Services can organize any technical (type training, legislation training, maintenance planning, etc.) or non-technical (quality training, safety training, etc.) training requirements at the client’s facility or anywhere in the world.

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