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Aeromutlu Aviation Services is an independent Aviation Consultancy Organization with long year of experience in Aviation Industry and has a worldwide pool of experienced Aviation Consultants.

We are in charge around the clock for our clients whenever and wherever they need us


- Professional team in charge for client projects.


- Reliable team and support services.


- Flexible services as per client requirements.

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- Orientation for best solutions in favor of clients.

Aviation Services

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Aircraft Transition Services

Various professionals perform numerous tasks during aircraft transition, and most operators and lessors do not have the time or in-house resources for such transition projects. Learn more..

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Aircraft Physical Inspection and Reporting

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide the necessary aircraft physical inspections and reporting for clients who plan to buy or lease an aircraft, need to repossess, or have novated leases, such that they know the current physical status of the asset. Learn more..

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Aircraft Document Inspection, Sorting, Scanning

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide complete and high-quality documentation services to the client as needed, with the documentation sorted, scanned, and delivered to the client in the requested format, thereby reducing the stress and costs during aircraft transition or operation. Learn more..

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Aircraft Base Maintenance Representation

Aeromutlu Aviation Services can provide experienced and qualified staff for maintenance layovers (e.g., planned heavy maintenance, modifications, or painting), serving as client representatives who inspect the entire maintenance process, regularly report to the client regarding the progress, and provide client service regarding technical decisions and the clarification of any issues. Learn more..

Cengiz Armutlu

Cengiz Armutlu, the founder and owner of Aeromutlu Aviation Services is a 30 years experienced Aviation Expert. He is EASA Cat A/B1/B2/C licenced Aircraft Engineer, Industrial Engineer (Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.) and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 certified Expert Witness for Aircraft Valuation, Engineering and Maintenance.

Environmental Sustainability is important to us

We are not only providing reliable, professional services to our clients but also providing environmental support for a sustainable world. In this context we donate each month for Tree Planting on behalf of our clients and our consultants as an appreciation for good cooperation and supporting to have a greener world.
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